How do you perceive the current economic situation and market developments?

At present, we perceive that, in the short term, this has slowed down growth a bit, but in the medium term, in my opinion, there will be higher growth than originally expected.

To what extent does the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic affect your plans?

Despite the fact that the second wave was much worse epidemically, companies more or less know how to behave and what to except for a few postponed decisions, growth continues. Our goal remains the same as in 2019, it has the designation 1023. This means that we clearly want to have 10 million m2 by 2023.

What do you expect from the coming months? Do you think vaccination or something else will help?

In short, Q1/2021 will probably be similar to the previous period. Q2/2021 I expect it to start growing significantly.

How do you perceive the importance of automation and digitization today?

In my opinion, both automation and digitization are a necessity today, because, without them, companies will not survive.

What do you think about innovation, including development?

I can say that we are looking for more effective solutions every year. We are currently investing in green energy, for example. In addition, every new building we are currently building in Slovakia is according to BREEAM Excellent, which is above the market standard. We can also afford this because we build them ourselves.

How do you see the further development of your company and the Slovak economy this year?

We plan to grow by 20 percent. In my opinion, Slovakia's GDP could grow by 4 percent. Our portfolio occupancy is over 98 percent, so we are speculatively building in several locations.

What do you consider to be the most trendy current in development?

Unequivocally "green" and "sustainability". Investors like to invest in those companies that think for the long term and also care about the environment. I must say that CTP is a leader in the region in sustainability and environmental friendliness. As a long-term property owner, we feel the responsibility of being a good neighbor who cares not only about the environment but also about the surrounding community.


Source:// Systémy logistiky