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You Should Know Before Selecting a Warehouse

What are the functions of the coloured arrows next to my warehouse in the user admin?

The arrows are indicating the warehouse’s occupancy tendency taking into consideration the changes in the last 3 months. The green arrow refers to a positive occupancy change, the orange indicates a stagnation and the red one means a negative tendency meaning that it is time to place stronger emphasis to the warehouse advertisement.

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What is included in Warehouse PR?

The Warehouse PR ensures to our registered Partners the publication of the short news and transactions connected to their companies and warehouse

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Warehouse category C

Buildings, not meant for storage originally (usually former factories, haulage companies, or different hangars), or warehouses built during the last century. Usually these warehouses have a heating system and a ramp for unloading trucks. They need a lot of funds to move up in the classification, first of all to demote the old equipment, create the security system, equipping the spare gates, driveways, places for maneuvering heavy haulers. - Industrial facility or heat-insulated hangar - Ceilings height exceeding 4 m. - Floor - asphalt or concrete tile, uncoated concrete - Freight elevators for the multi-storey buildings (optional) - Gates (optional) - Parking and marshalling sites for the heavy-duty vehicles (optional) - Ventilation system (optional) - Heating system (optional) - Office premises (optional) - Fire alarm and automatic fire-fighting systems (optional) - Loading bay (optional) - Fenced, safety guarded area (optional) - Telecommunications (optional) - Personnel facilities (optional) - Railway spur (optional)

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