The new A-class industrial building will be designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency and minimal impact on the environment. Thanks to the project, the village will get a public park with a size of 12,727 m2, which will be built by the company Panattoni during the construction of the industrial area.

Close to transport routes

The Panattoni company positively accepts the decision of the District Office of Trnava regarding the intention to implement the Panattoni Park Dunajská Streda project. This conclusion shows the willingness and commitment of the company in managing and solving aspects related to the project in the area concerned. The developer responded effectively to substantive discussions and all recommendations, thanks to which the project reached a top global level in terms of environmental impact.

The new logistics park from the development company Panattoni will be located in the northern part of the village of Kútniky-Blažov, east of Dunajská Streda. Thanks to its strategic location close to major transport routes and important cities, the park represents an ideal opportunity for companies focused on efficient distribution processes. The area of the industrial hall complex will be created on a land area of 286,263 m2, while one logistics hall with related facilities will be built with an area of 135,290 m2.

"We acknowledge the resulting decision of the District Office, which emphasizes the acceptability and feasibility of the project after the implementation of the necessary measures to reduce environmental impacts. This decision clearly reflects Panattoni's commitment to care for the environment and the well-being of the residents in the region. We believe that this decision will contribute to improving the quality and fairness of other decisions, which is important not only for the Panattoni company, but also for the local population and the environment," said Erik Ivaničko, director of Panattoni Slovakia.

Hall integrated into the landscape

Panattoni's intention is to create a modern industrial building with a minimal impact on the environment. The industrial building will be sensitively integrated into the landscape with new green areas. A number of green elements are planned in the area of the new industrial park, such as protective greenery, orchards, meadow-type grass areas, trees and vertical green elements on the facade of the building. Part of the proposal is also the maximization of the amount of greenery within the site, including the division and greening of the communication space.

During the construction of the zone, the investor will also build a publicly accessible park with an area of 1.2 hectares, which will connect to the recreational area of Lake Báger. The surroundings of the park, full of greenery, will thus be accessible to the general public and residents will be able to use it without restrictions. In order to make the park accessible to cyclists, the developer will build several connecting cycle paths and pictocorridors within the affected area as well as in the immediate vicinity.

Panattoni understands the dynamics of today's market and the need for businesses to adapt to rapid changes. The company's goal is to provide companies in this region with a space where they can efficiently and flexibly manage their distribution operations. At the same time, the Panattoni company is bringing new jobs to Žitný ostrov, which will strengthen the overall development of the region.