P3 Logistic Parks currently manages six parks with an area of ​​486 thousand m2 and despite the difficult conditions due to the pandemic, the company developed all planned activities during the year. "We expanded our leasable area portfolio by 63,511 m2 year-on-year, which brought us the position of market leader in logistics real estate. In addition, we have concluded key contracts for the lease of warehouse space and increased our client portfolio by successful companies in the e-commerce, wholesale and retail segments, ”says Peter Jánoši.

The top milestone of the last year, for which the company has been preparing for a long time, was the official opening of the flagship P3 Bratislava Airport, which is also the first city-type park in the developer's Slovak portfolio.

"This is our largest project at the world level, which we have definitely proven to be one of the leaders in our field. This is confirmed by the prestigious CIJ Awards Slovakia 2020 survey, in which the professional public evaluated Hall B in the P3 Bratislava Airport park as the best in the Best Warehouse Development> 15k category, ”says Peter Jánoši. However, the newest P3 logistics park is also associated with one of the largest contracts concluded this year, in which P3 Logistic Parks signed a contract for the lease of 48,554 m2 of warehouse space with the Dutch giant and consumer goods retailer Action.

Recent trends clearly indicate a stronger position in e-commerce and online shopping. In the end, the pandemic itself and the closure of stone plants accelerated it. Trends in this area are also copied by the new business P3 Logistic Parks, within which the developer acquired a new tenant Dedoles, one of the fastest growing Slovak e-shops, in its P3 Senec park. "A modern, world-class automated warehouse has been created in the hall with an area of ​​more than 15,000 m2, able to cover orders from all markets in which Dedoles currently operates," explains Peter Jánoši.

During 2021, the development activities also affected the logistics center P3 Bratislava D2 near Lozorno, which will be extended by the DC7B hall with an area of ​​21,000 m2 by the summer of 2022. The developer is preparing a new hall for the planned expansion plans of the long-term tenant IHLE, but also for potential clients. "In the near future, we plan to expand in other P3 parks, but we have also developed a few development activities. In the next phases, we plan to implement innovative solutions in our parks to increase energy savings and reduce building management costs, "says Peter Jánoši.

P3 Logistic Parks builds modern properties of the highest quality level A, which meet strict environmental criteria, most of them are BREEAM Very Good certified. Building certification talks about the economy and efficiency of the use of energy within the premises, about environmental friendliness and at the same time monitors how people feel in the building. The result is modern logistics centers complemented by relaxation zones and lots of greenery.

While the developer plans to plant useful trees and meadow flowers in the P3 Košice logistics center, set up an insect hotel or prepare raised flower beds suitable for growing vegetables, a sports zone and a children's playground will be added to the P3 Bratislava Airport logistics park next year. However, the P3 Bratislava D2 park near Lozorno will also have a rest zone, which also includes a 300-year-old summer oak. "This tree is connected with the village, its inhabitants and already with us. We keep it in full beauty, the construction will not affect it in any way, on the contrary, we have adapted its plans and reduced the usable built-up area by approximately 3,000 m2, ”adds Peter Jánoši.

In conjunction with ecological solutions, the developer reduces the energy costs of operating its buildings and increases the value of the buildings. All halls P3 are equipped with a modern heating and ventilation system, have increased thermal insulation of the roof and economical intelligent LED lighting. The buildings are also structurally ready for further expansion of office or retail space.