BILLA is a successful food chain that expands every year. It will not be any different in 2022, so the company's management decided to build a new central warehouse in Sered, the completion of which is planned for the last quarter of this year. The ceremonial tapping of the foundation stone took place on 11 January in the presence of the company's management, the chairman of the Trnava self-governing region and also the mayor and deputy mayor of Sereď.

Investments to build a new central warehouse will exceed 38 million euros. At present, BILLA departs 80 to 100 trucks a day from its warehouse in Senec, which supply the west and center of Slovakia. However, these capacities are at a maximum and therefore from the new warehouse the company will dispatch more than 120 fully loaded trucks per day through 58 loading ramps. With more stores, this number will generically grow so that customer demand is fully satisfied.

In addition to the new logistics center in Sered, the Petrovany regional warehouse will continue to operate, which already supplies stores, especially in eastern Slovakia. "Our company is developing very dynamically, we have opened 34 new stores in the last five years alone. And since our warehouses are no longer enough for us, it's time for the larger premises of the new central warehouse. The construction in Sered will be a modern building with quality technologies and a working environment that will be especially appreciated by our employees, ”said BILLA CEO Arnd Riehl.

Sustainable construction ready for the future

The new central warehouse will be located in the Sereď industrial zone on a total area of ​​138,202 m2. The two-storey warehouse building and administrative premises with facilities for employees will have an area of ​​28,500 m2, which represents a 74% larger area than the current warehouse in Senec. The total capacity of the stored goods will be up to 23,000 tons in different temperature ranges.

"BILLA is a responsible company that cares about the environment and sustainability. Therefore, a green area of ​​up to 4.4 hectares with a meadow, woody plants and three water areas will be created in the immediate vicinity of the warehouse, ”added A. Riehl. Water bodies will also serve as retention reservoirs, the aim of which will be to retain water in the country and thus cool it naturally. BILLA also knows how important daylight is for both physical and mental health, so a special light guide solution will be provided in offices and other areas, which, among other things, will significantly save energy.

BILLA also counts on charging power stations for cars and trucks or trucks in the warehouse area. After launching the planned photovoltaic cells on the roofs, the warehouse can produce almost 20% of electricity. Of course, there will also be LED lighting, underfloor heating, the use of waste heat from cooling for heating, remote-controlled measurements and regulation of all technical units ensuring energy-efficient operation.

From left: financial director of BILLA Tomáš Staňo, mayor of Sered Martin Tomčányi, general director of BILLA Arnd Riehl, chairman of the Trnava self-governing region Jozef Viskupič and managing director of Strabag Martin Volčko

Handling technology, such as forklifts, will be equipped with a special lithium-ion battery which, thanks to fast charging times and without the need for maintenance, will bring significant energy savings and reduce the emission of CO₂ and other harmful substances into the air. "The urban-technical solution for the construction of the central warehouse of the BILLA company is based on the requirements for the efficient use of the Sereď - JUH industrial park. The city has a very good location and direct access to the highway. The operation of the central warehouse will expand the supply of jobs and the city will have income in the form of real estate taxes. I also appreciate that the company chose a contractor directly from Sereda during the construction, so that no additional unnecessary carbon footprint is created in connection with the transport of building materials. I am convinced that BILLA has made a good choice and this logistics center will benefit the entire region and region, "said Martin Tomčányi, Mayor of Sereď.

Long-term investment with regard to employee comfort

The construction of a new central warehouse has been planned for several years. The new central warehouse in Sered will replace the current one in Senec, while the eastern part of Slovakia will continue to be served by the regional warehouse in Petrovany near Prešov. "The new central warehouse is fully financed from our own resources and we expect a return on investment of about four years. The construction of a logistics center is a significant investment for the city of Sereď, the Trnava region, as well as the entire country. Last year, BILLA also invested 22 million in Slovakia and steadily provides work for more than 4,000 people, which makes us one of the most important employers in the country, "said Tomáš Staňo, BILLA's Chief Financial Officer.

Recruitment also includes the recruitment of additional staff. Up to 170 internal employees will be able to work in the new warehouse with the appropriate administration. Recruitment for the missing positions will start BILLA in the middle of this year. All necessary information will also be published through the BILLA career website

Future warehouse employees can look forward to modern spaces full of light and greenery. An interesting feature of the project is the atrium, which will be designed for outdoor relaxation and technical equipment that will make work easier for employees. There will also be a benefit for hot meals and a bus stop right on the premises. "I consider this investment in the region to be important in terms of its development and the creation of new job opportunities. At the same time, I welcome the responsible approach to the project of building a new central warehouse in the Trnava region, in terms of sustainability and technical implementation that fits into the infrastructure of the town of Sereď, ”concludes Jozef Viskupič, mayor of Trnava.