All CTP properties are certified according to BREEAM standards. Previously built buildings also received a certificate. How is the certification of older real estate?

In 2020, we certified all buildings according to BREEAM In-Use standards, at the level of "very good" and higher. The assessment methodology focuses on areas such as the quality of the environment, the energy performance of the building, sustainable mobility, water and natural resource management, the ecology of the site, the impact of the building on the environment and the assessment of risks that may affect the building. The inspectors will visit the evaluated building and, based on a comparison of the facts, score each area.

After adding up the points, they classify the building into one of six levels. At the same time, they formulate corrective measures that can be implemented to obtain a higher level of evaluation. In the case of 10- to 15-year-old buildings, in order to obtain the "very good" level, it was necessary to replace, for example, lighting of buildings and outdoor areas with LEDs, replacement of faucets and shower heads with energy-saving types or construction of bicycle stands. The BREEAM In-Use certificate is valid for 3 years.

What does energy-efficient and sustainable real estate mean in practice?

According to my experience, an energy-efficient building consists of three elements. The first is the building materials used and the construction itself. The second is used technical equipment of buildings (HVAC), such as heating, ventilation and cooling systems, lighting system, measurement and regulation, etc.

The third is the operation of the property itself. As part of CTP, we design, build and operate buildings internally, with our own employees.

How do you manage buildings?

The local facility manager and his team are responsible for the management of each CTPark. The report is performed according to the annual maintenance plan. We monitor the use of the service life of building structures and equipment that most affect the energy efficiency of the building, and we determine the necessary investments accordingly.

We have a wide representation of professionally qualified employees and energy auditors in our team. I am glad that this year we have chosen an energy monitoring provider for the whole group. A tailor-made IT solution will provide us with the data needed to accurately assess each building in terms of electricity, gas and water consumption.

Peter Janko | Source: CTP Invest SK

How do your clients perceive sustainability today, are they willing to invest in greener solutions?

Topics such as energy efficiency, sustainability, carbon footprint reduction and certification according to various world standards or norms have been very topical for our clients in recent years. Motivation is different - social responsibility, obligation of legislation or marketing. However, this does not change our approach and the fact that we profile ourselves as a developer of premium real estate.

This is taken into account by the used building materials and HVAC equipment. Most of our clients emphasize the way of heating, cooling and ventilation of real estate. The standard we provide has so far satisfied every client. Innovative solutions are determined by the expertise, seriousness of suppliers and adherence to the goal - reducing energy consumption with an adequate amount of investment and maintaining operational reliability.

New real estate appraisal criteria are coming into practice. What are your activities in this area?

At CTP, we are currently working on certifications from the perspective of energy management or environmental protection. Our strategy is to create communities around each CTPark. Our clients' employees often live with their families near CTParks. That is why we financially and materially support those who develop beneficial activities for the community and the environment in which they operate.

We work closely with the local government in the construction of infrastructure, bike paths and playgrounds. A separate chapter is greenery. We plant new trees, flower beds, lawns. This year we launched a pilot project of green walls on two buildings, which we want to reduce the accumulation of heat around CTParks during the summer months.