The VisionPark project combines ecology, sustainability and, above all, a "green" future. Logistics parks are mostly a thorn in the side of the local community because they do not correspond aesthetically with the surroundings. VisionPark crosses the threshold of the industrial stereotype and enters the era of green logistics parks that not only serve investors, but also help fulfill the goals of customers and employees. The result is to create a prosperous community under one roof, which improves the surroundings and takes care of the environment with its activity.

"We want to be an inspiration for the reconstruction of the surrounding parks, which today show a significant stage of wear and tear. The transformation of classic industrial buildings into healthy projects full of life and the efficient use of solar energy and rainwater will lighten our planet and at the same time enrich the world of industrial buildings with new innovative solutions," adds Tomáš Šesták, executive director of DOAS.