Ben Bannatyne, President of Prologis Europe: “We continue to see strong demand for properties in the Prologis portfolio, as evidenced by 98.2 percent occupancy and over 26 percent rental growth across the 12 European markets where we operate. Through the Prologis Essentials platform, we support our customers in decarbonizing their operations. This new platform offers tenants services and solutions such as solar panels and batteries for solar energy storage, electrification of vehicle fleets or installation of chargers for electric cars. In Prologis parks, customers can fully concentrate on their own business, and thanks to our sufficient supply of free buildable land, we can provide them with space for further growth."

Operating performance in Europe - second quarter 2023:

Total portfolio: 22.3 million square meters*
Rental activity in Q2 amounted to 837,884 square meters, of which:
230,821 square meters of new leases,
607,063 square meters of extended leases.
Portfolio occupancy: 98.2%
Change in rent: 32.6%**
Operating performance in Central Europe and Slovakia – second quarter 2023:

Total portfolio in Central Europe: 4.89 million square meters*
Rental activity for Q2 in Central Europe amounted to 382,597 square meters, of which:
81,235 square meters of new leases,
243,807 square meters of extended leases.
Portfolio occupancy in Central Europe: 98.1%
Total portfolio in Slovakia: 466,891 square meters *
Rental activity in Q2 in Slovakia amounted to 58,790 square meters, of which:
46,874 square meters of new leases,
11,916 square meters of extended leases.
Portfolio occupancy in Slovakia: 98.9%
*  including buildings in operation, under construction, for sale, VAA/VAC and others
** compared to the date of the start of the tenancy relationship


30,969 square meters for an airline, Prologis Park Hamburg Waltershof DC7 in Germany.
20,163 square meters for Internationaal Transportbedrijf De Vries & Zn., Prologis Park Veghel DC1 in the Netherlands.
19,282 square meters for the leader in e-commerce solutions, Prologis Park Wroclaw DC5B in Poland.
17,439 square meters for CAIRN Logistique, Prologis Park Isle d'Abeau DC20 in France.
15,083 square meters for Stamhuis Retail Services, Prologis Park Utrecht DC2 in the Netherlands.
Capital distribution - second quarter 2023

In the second quarter, construction began on 6 projects with a total area of 103,720 square meters across Europe, of which:

23,281 square meters in the DC16BC Prologis Park Bratislava building
15,465 square meters in building DC2, Prologis Park Pilsen II
37,366 square meters in building DC1, Prologis Park Castlenuovo, Italy
12,755 square meters in building DC10, Prologis Park Wroclaw V, Poland
7,778 square meters in building DC1, Prologis Park Castlemaggiore, Italy
7,075 square meters in building DC7, Prologis Park Sant Boi, Spain


In the second quarter of 2023, Prologis in Europe acquired three buildings with a total area of 32,601 square meters in the UK and Italy and two plots of land with a total area of 122,377 square meters in the UK.


In the second quarter, Prologis in Europe sold one building with an area of 13,670 square meters in the Netherlands.