Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), the international market leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMR), and Logitrans A / S, a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment, have announced a strategic partnership to produce autonomous pallet trucks. Autonomous pallet trucks are designed to fill a gap in the market for safe, efficient and autonomous lifting of pallets directly from the ground. MiR's autonomous navigation and software capabilities will be used for the development, combined with the functionality of Logitrans electric pallet trucks, which contain the logistics know-how of the last 80 years.

The two companies have agreed to develop a new range of autonomous pallet trucks that will complement today's high-capacity MiR mobile robots that safely and reliably transport pallets and products in a dynamic environment full of people and other transport equipment. Existing MiR robots load pallets from specially designed pallet racks, with a strong demand from MiR customers for AMR lifting and delivering pallets placed on the floor. The collaboration will allow MiR and Logitrans to meet the requirements of their customers while creating many new business opportunities in a market with huge potential.

"Our mission has always been to change the way companies manage internal logistics so that they can be more productive and competitive - and this new initiative is another huge step forward. Combining our software competencies with Logitrans' decades of hardware development will help us fill this gap quickly. In this way, we will support customers throughout their value chain, ”says Søren E. Nielsen, President of Mobile Industrial Robots.

While MiR registers the need for pallet trucks among its customers, Logitrans also sees increased demand for automation of existing pallet transport processes. "We know that the material handling industry is moving towards automation. Part of our identity is to always be at the forefront of product development within the business range. The ability to automate products will help us maintain a leading position. We do not have our own capacities for this type of product, cooperation with MiR is a great solution, "said Gitte Kirkegaard, CEO of Logitrans.

The new solution expands the possibilities of AMR

MiR and Logitrans plan to develop a fully automated and semi-automated autonomous pallet truck for various needs in logistics processes. The long-term and strategic initiative to create new business areas and products for both MiR and Logitrans uses Logitrans high-quality hardware as well as advanced navigation technology and sophisticated MiR fleet management software.

"Once these AMR pallet trucks come on the market, companies will be able to rely on MiR as a solution provider for most of their internal logistics needs," added S. Nielsen. "Working with Logitrans will help us meet these growing demands ahead of time, and in turn will help our customers achieve their business goals."

"Thanks to our combined competencies, MiR's exceptional robot experience, Logitrans' comprehensive product portfolio and ability to adapt to specific requirements, we offer a future in which customers have access to AMR that is ideal for addressing their needs," said Kirkegaard.