"We recognize that the fight against climate change is a shared responsibility of all of us. This topic is key for us and we want to lead by example. We have therefore decided to place climate protection at the heart of our strategy for socially responsible and sustainable business. We have been setting up our processes for a long time so that they are as environmentally friendly as possible and we manage to save tens of thousands of tons of emissions per year. Now we are going even further and we soon want to achieve carbon neutrality, "said Matúš Gála, CEO of Lidl Slovak Republic.

By 2030 at the latest, Kaufland plans to reduce emissions from its own operations by 80 percent in all countries where it operates by 2019. Lidl Slovenská republika plans to achieve carbon neutrality within its operational activities in 2022 *.

In addition, both companies will encourage their suppliers to reduce their emissions. According to company analyzes, up to 78% of emissions are caused by the production of products.


Kaufland Slovenská republika and Lidl Slovenská republika purchase green energy produced from 100% renewable sources.
Both companies also use trucks with ecological LNG drive in their logistics.
Lidl and Kaufland stores use energy-efficient LED lighting.
Sustainability in trade includes climate-neutral products - the impacts on the environment during their production, transport and consumption are as low as possible and the necessary quantities produced by the CO₂ chain are compensated by internationally certified projects.
By working with local suppliers, chains reduce the carbon footprint of product distribution.
In the parking lots of selected stores, fast charging stations for cars and electric bicycles are available free of charge for customers.
Another thousands of tons of greenhouse gases are being saved by Kaufland and Lidl by participating in a system for collecting, recovering and recycling packaging waste.