Despite the fact that it may seem at first that sports or event logistics are no different from ordinary transport logistics from place A to place B, this is not the case. Complex sports and event logistics services require certain types of events. It has a practical and meaningful use for larger events, which are more demanding in terms of moving material, technology or products within the premises, as well as for faultless care of a number of people who need to be provided with service and support in different places at the same time, in a strict time schedule and program. Examples are larger domestic and international sports events, but also festivals and exhibitions.

"The basis of sports and event logistics is, of course, transportation. However, the difference is made up of several specifics. Being a logistics partner means being part of the organizational team from the event planning stage, through the event itself to its conclusion, which sometimes takes months. In contrast to the logistics of traditional pallets, atypical objects, devices, exhibits, materials of various shapes, sizes and quantities are mostly transported. Related to this is the custom-planned handling, which requires, in addition to classic trucks, special equipment and a vehicle fleet. Special storage areas are also needed, serving either as a central warehouse or as an intermediate warehouse for the event. For example, within Slovakia and the Czech Republic, we have 17 warehouses available for these purposes," explains Martin Uličný, an event logistics expert from DB Schenker for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Logistics dream team

Especially in the last stages of event preparations and at the time of implementation, the advantages of a correctly selected logistics partner will become apparent. "Our experience and feedback from event organizers have confirmed to us over the years that a well-rounded and experienced logistics team, including a fleet of willing multitasking drivers, who thinks and knows what to do, is a great added value for events. He is often on site several days before and during the event, especially on weekends, and is available 24/7. In addition to the logistical tasks he has to perform, he has no problems helping the organizers manually with other things," says Martin Uličný.

At the same time, he adds that a multi-member team helps with logistics, transportation and supply with a just-in-time system, even just-in-sequence to several places at the same time. This means that it provides the necessary items, materials, equipment, supplies to a specific location at a specific time and immediately moves unnecessary things from the place or moves them to where they will be needed later.

From trucks to handling equipment

The specific conditions of each event require turnkey logistic solutions. "Long before the event itself, we sit down with the organizers and design what type of logistics they need, what the time and human requirements are, as well as the requirements for the types of logistics vehicles and special equipment. For example, in logistics

during the International Peace Marathon in Košice in the city, and especially in the center, we use our emission-free, CO2 free truck, the only one in Slovakia," explains Martin Uličný. Depending on the type of event and the requirements of the organizers, hydraulic arm trucks, off-road trucks and cranes are most often needed, which DB Schenker has at its disposal. The advantages of a wide fleet of trucks and special equipment, including an ecological truck, are appreciated by the organizers of various sports events not only in cities, but also in nature and in protected areas. The international scope and experience of DB Schenker is used not only by the organizers of sports events, but also by the sports teams, clubs or associations themselves for the logistics and transportation of sports equipment and accessories for international competitions and the Olympic Games, where it also provides the necessary customs papers for clearance.

Benefits for organizers

Properly organized and managed logistics of sports events and events by an experienced professional team is an added value for organizers. "It saves time and costs, especially for demanding events and promotions, where dysfunctional logistics cause serious problems during the preparation and especially during the course of the event. An equally important benefit is the provision of personnel capacities that are available non-stop and that the organizers would otherwise have to provide on their own, which is often difficult due to the complexity of the logistics of such events. The added value is also the provision of storage and transportation of a variety of equipment, materials, furniture, bulky and heavy materials with an experienced team," lists the advantages of the logistics partner Martin Uličný.

Every race is different

DB Schenker has been providing sports and event logistics services worldwide since 1972, i.e. fifty years. It organizes several events in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. For the longest time, 15 years, it has been a partner of both the Košice International Peace Marathon and the well-known Jizerská 50 cross-country competition in the Czech Republic.

Košice International Peace Marathon

Preparation for the Košice International Peace Marathon begins immediately after the end of the last year. The actual preparation on site is a week before the start. DB Schenker makes the homeland available to the organizers