FM Logistic in Slovakia operates in several different temperature storage regimes and with its more than 200 employees focuses on a comprehensive portfolio of services, including warehousing and handling, national and international pallet and parcel transport and value-added services (co-packing, logistics e -shop and pallet management).

A major turning point came in 2010, when the company began to grow strongly and gained new clients - for FM non-traditional segments - toys, tobacco producers and e-commerce. The company also expanded its locations - the Jirny and Lovosice platforms were opened. The Slovak branch of the company has joined the Central European cluster and has a unified solution for cross-border distribution throughout Central Europe.

The FM Logistic business model is designed to provide comprehensive logistics services (delivery of goods from factories, warehousing, packaging and other VAS, distribution to end customers) in large multicustomer and multiactivity platforms, which for the most part also own FM.

The company will focus on the continuous improvement of services within omnichannel, e-commerce and CityLogin. This project is based on the principle of placing small distribution warehouses or crossdocks as close as possible to the urban agglomeration. CityLogin offers the perfect last mile solution. It allows to shorten the delivery time by choosing the shortest possible distance between the distribution center and the end customer and offers to use low-emission vehicles for distribution.