A warehouse and production hall is to be built near the industrial park near the Košice airport, it is to be part of the planned logistics complex CTP II Košice Pereš. The total cost of building the hall is around 10 million euros. This follows from the intention of CTPark, which submitted it for environmental impact assessment (EIA).

The planned territory reaches an area of almost 48,000 square meters, while the low-floor hall should have dimensions of approximately 193 by 145 meters. It will consist of warehouse space, administrative and social facilities and areas for light industrial production.

Production should include assembly work and completion activities. They will be oriented towards the assembly of interior equipment of cars, assembly of units from electronic elements and assembly of household appliances - white electronics.

"The user of the proposed activity will be the future tenant based on the lease agreement with the operator. In the reserved premises of the proposed activity, jobs are expected to be created for approximately 200 employees," the company states in its intention.

It is also expected to create 110 parking spaces for cars, ten for trucks, and there are also to be 12 loading bays in the area.