The technologies developed by the new laboratory build on the successful implementation of more than 350,000 robotic units worldwide. Robotic units and four-sided yellow racking towers, first introduced by Amazon in 2012 and then expanded to Europe in 2014, are now common in most Amazon workplaces and help employees move individual inventory items, reducing the distance employees need to travel. . Amazon has also introduced, for example, robotic pallet shifters, so that employees do not have to handle heavy loads and perform frequently repetitive tasks. The company is now working on other technologies that will have a similar purpose.

The laboratory, based in Vercelli in northern Italy, represents a top collection of the latest innovations for Amazon's operations. Since the introduction of the first robotic technologies almost ten years ago, Amazon has created more than a million new jobs in its operations. In the Slovak Republic alone, Amazon employs 3,000 permanent employees, most of whom work directly in the reverse center and help sort and process items and goods so that they can be ready for sale to customers again.