The decision follows from the group's strategy to place new vehicle production projects in the existing production structure. "By merging the two models at the Bratislava plant, we optimize plant utilization, strengthen important synergies within the product family and thus reduce production costs," said Christian Vollmer, Member of the Board for Production and Logistics at Volkswagen.

"The team of Volkswagen Slovakia employees did a great job. The assignment of new models to Bratislava is the result of our joint work to increase efficiency, as well as a constructive dialogue with our partners. The effort and commitment paid off, and we have reached this intermediate stage. My big thanks go to all the employees,” said Oliver Grünberg, Chairman of the Board and Member of the Board for Technical Affairs at Volkswagen Slovakia.

At the beginning of last year, Volkswagen Slovakia presented the Plan 2025 strategy. The aim was to secure the future of the company, as well as to secure employment for Volkswagen Slovakia employees. Thanks to the acquisition of a new project, the company can now guarantee existing jobs. In addition to activities in the area of ​​increasing efficiency and sustainable framework conditions for employees, a third factor also played an important role in decision-making, namely the improvement of the business environment in Slovakia.

The next generations of the Volkswagen Passat and ŠKODA Superb will be integrated into existing production without the need to expand the plant. A large part of the investment will be used for the reconstruction of the body shop, the complete reconstruction of the line in the paint shop, as well as for other additional technologies.

Both vehicles belong to the same product family. Thanks to their planned merger in one plant, significant synergies in production and logistics can be exploited. In the future, components will not have to be delivered to two, but only to one plant, which reduces costs. At the same time, the vehicles can be manufactured on the same production line, thus eliminating the additional costs of adjusting production. With the production of the Volkswagen Passat and ŠKODA Superb models, the Bratislava plant will strengthen its position as a flexible plant producing several brands under one roof.

Prime Minister Igor Matovic described the investment as great news for Slovakia. "We have all lost heart," he stated, emphasizing the important role of Volkswagen Slovakia in the Slovak economy. The talks allegedly did not talk about possible incentives or concessions, and promised to improve the business environment. The Prime Minister considers the arguments that Slovakia no longer needs car manufacturers to be "primitive". He reminded that the best models are produced in Bratislava. "We can and should be proud of something," he said.

Minister of Economy Richard Sulík responded that the expansion of production is a positive message that strengthens Slovakia's position as an industrial country. "From the position of the Minister of Economy, I see this as a strong signal and confirmation that such an important company as Volkswagen feels good in Slovakia and sees room for investment here."

According to the Minister of Finance Eduard Heger, Volkswagen is important for Slovakia in three respects. Above all, it is a pioneer of the modern automotive industry, and is one of the largest employers and investors. According to him, the announced investment will be a strong signal for other potential investors. "I believe it will come even other good news."


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