The hall aspires to the internationally recognized BREEAM certification in the Excellent level, while it stands out with a whole range of sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. At first glance, it impresses with its extensive green roof, which is planted with various grasses, moss and herbs. It brings a whole range of advantages not only to the project itself, but also to the surrounding area. Whether it is the support of the local biodiversity, the reduction of the carbon footprint or effective insulation and improvement of the internal microclimate. Rainwater is used for regular watering, which is collected and subsequently reused for additional greenery spread over the area of the entire area. At the same time, the building is being prepared for photovoltaic panels, which will serve to heat the water needed mainly for the back-office workers. The park also includes electric chargers for cars and a practical bicycle storage room.

Building "C" is the first completed and fully occupied hall in the VGP area, which will be shared by the new tenants Bufab Slovakia and SpedDKa together with the already established company Packeta Slovakia, which uses 2,500 m2 of warehouse space here.

Bufab Slovakia is part of the Swedish Bufab Group, proud of its long tradition and experience in the segment of connecting materials and components. It delivers its products to 70 countries around the world, including domestically. "As part of our long-term sustainability goals, we are looking for business partners who have similar DNA and visions for the future. That is also why we decided to establish a partnership with VGP and we firmly believe that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial in fulfilling these commitments," comments Vojtech Halveland, Managing Director at Bufab Slovakia.

SpedDKa is a professional logistics company operating in Slovakia and further in the Czech Republic under the name Špedka CZ Solutions s.r.o. The first area in which it is active is forwarding, dispatching and the extraction of cars in freight transport. With a wide network of carriers and an experienced team of professionals, it is able to ensure efficient and safe transportation of goods throughout Europe. The second area is the provision of comprehensive storage services. In accordance with modern warehouse equipment and inventory management systems, it ensures the storage of goods for partners, regardless of whether it is the supply of retail chains or the fulfillment of orders from end customers. "Our main goal is to provide high-quality logistics services that help clients improve their supply chain and achieve business goals. The strategic location in VGP Park Zvolen is absolutely ideal for the further development of our business," describes Michal Durbák, CEO of SpedDKa.

VGP Park Zvolen is located on the northwestern border of the city, less than 1 km from the R1 expressway with a connection to Bratislava. The city is considered a strategic transit point in Slovakia, while its potential is further enhanced by the nearby Sliač airport. On the VGP land with a total area of 10.2 hectares, 3 halls with a total leasable area of 52,000 m2 will be built in close proximity to the Continental tire production plant as well as the existing retail and logistics zone. The location already has excellent transport accessibility for all potential employees from the area.