Investment of 3 million euros

GymBeam is now one of the fastest growing health and nutrition e-commerce companies in Europe, and due to the ever-increasing number of orders being picked, the company began to hit the limits of its manual warehouse. It was therefore necessary to increase not only the performance of the warehouse, but the possibility of scalability and potential expansion in the future also played an important role. The AutoStore system, implemented in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by the company Element Logic Czech Republic, therefore became the ideal solution. Implementation of the warehouse, which will be located in the CTPark of the Košice-Barca district, will begin on June 3 and will be completed within 3 months. "We are growing exponentially every year, and the number of orders has already exceeded the capabilities of the manual warehouse. That's why we approached Element Logic to design a fully automated warehouse solution. In the future, we also expect to expand the automated warehouse," said Alexander Szalai, Logistics Manager at GymBeam.

Robots work around the clock

More than 22,000 bins will be installed in the new warehouse with an area of ​​690 m2, and 32 robots of the new R5 PRO series will work here, which, thanks to the innovative charging system, are able to work without a break 24 hours a day. The GymBeam warehouse will also be unique by placing the picking ports on top of each other, which will significantly increase warehouse performance. "I'm very glad that there were people on the customer side who really knew what they wanted. As a result, the design phase of the AutoStore itself was really very constructive and fast," says Jan Bárta, Sales Manager of Element Logic Czech Republic, adding that thanks to AutoStore, among other things, the accuracy of picking will increase and at the same time the error rate will decrease, which leads to a significant reduction in the costs of reverse logistics .

Specifications of the GymBeam warehouse project in Košice-Barca:

● Area of ​​the AutoStore warehouse: 690 m2

● A total of 22,245 bins

● 5 existing carousel ports + preparation for another 5 carousel ports, 4 conveyor ports + 2 preparations for a conveyor port

● A total of 32 R5 PRO series robots

● Performance: 1000 ordelines out per hour + 500 ordelines in per hour

The AutoStore system can be adapted to any type of warehouse

The AutoStore solution can be created for almost any storage space, mainly thanks to the three-dimensional aluminum construction, which is adjustable both in width and height. The structure consists of individual modules of the coordinate grid, which also serves as a rail for the robots. Containers for storing goods are stored in the individual sections of the grid. Each container can then be divided by a partition into several smaller storage compartments, so that several types of goods can be stored in it. The containers can be stacked up to a height of 5.4 meters, or up to 24 container boxes can be placed on top of each other. "The automated warehouse with the AutoStore system can also be expanded at any time, for example depending on how the client's business develops. It is not necessary to plan the expansion well in advance, but we can respond to the client's current requirements very flexibly," said Jindřich Kadeřávek, CEO of Element Logic Czech Republic.