The industrial area in Nové Zámky offers a wide range of possibilities primarily for production, industry and storage. Thanks to its location on the corridor that connects Slovakia with Hungary and the markets of Southeast Europe, this area is a strategic choice for manufacturing companies that are connected to the strong industrial sector in this part of Central Europe.

The area consists of the main industrial hall with an area of ​​approximately 4,885 m² and an adjacent plot of land with an area of ​​13,851 m², which is suitable for further expansion of the premises. The property has sufficient infrastructure and equipment. It also includes paved areas for parking and handling goods for cars and trucks. The area is also connected to 22kV electricity, drinking water, natural gas, etc.

"This property offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers of various kinds, including heavy industry and additionally for logistics companies, both thanks to its location on an important transport hub and at the same time due to the planned construction of a factory for the production of batteries in Šurany. We are convinced that the complex in Nové Zámky has the potential to continue to provide adequate facilities for future owners," says Tomáš Kulacs from the industrial and logistics real estate leasing department of iO Partners, which is exclusively covering the sale of real estate.

The industrial area is currently used by the company Stumpp + Schüle, which plans to move its activities after June 2024, thereby freeing up the full capacity of the leasable area (4,885 m2) for the new owner. There are office spaces, a kitchen and changing rooms in the area, which provides a complete background necessary for the establishment of a functional operation.

"We were very pleased with the location in Nové Zámky, which gave us access to a qualified and affordable workforce. This region has great potential and we have had excellent experience with local resources and infrastructure. We decided to move our activities due to the expansion and modernization of our production capacities in Germany, but Nové Zámky will always be an important place for us in the history of our company," says Štefan Kostoláni, general manager of Stumpp + Schüle Slovakia.

"The industrial area in Nové Zámky offers an ideal solution for various industries thanks to its scale and readiness for further use. A fenced and secured space with a camera system and 24/7 service provides the necessary security for any business activities," adds Tomáš Kulacs.

The complex is located only 35 km from Nitra and 100 km from Bratislava and Budapest, which makes it an advantageous location for regional and international business activities.