The goal of the backup system is for 90% or more of beverage packaging to be returned to the system by 2025. The beverage packaging return rate, based on data for 2023, already exceeds 90%. If we take into account the data since the start of the backup system, we are at the level of the return rate of 80%. Thanks to the backup system, we can collect higher quality material that can be effectively used in the production of new packaging. This saves natural resources, reduces the amount of energy used and CO2 emissions.

From the point of view of logistics, the sorting center in Kočovce is a key element of the advance system for beverage packaging, which was launched in Slovakia at the beginning of last year. The Administrator transports the packages collected at individual collection points throughout Slovakia via intermediate warehouses to the sorting center. The processing capacity is up to 29 thousand tons of plastic and 9 thousand tons of metal packaging per year.

The sorting center checks, registers and processes the received material from individual intermediate warehouses, or directly from collection points. The sorting center houses technology that sorts plastic packaging according to color types and produces packages of sorted plastic and also metal material for recyclers.

The administrator of the reserve system has therefore proceeded to an important increase of its storage capacities in the sorting center, which represents a strategic step to streamline logistics processes. The expansion of the Administrator's warehouse space amounts to approximately 4,000 m2. Thanks to this, not only the movement of material from intermediate warehouses to the sorting center will become more efficient, but the sorting center will fully fulfill the function of another intermediate warehouse.

"Thanks to the combination of intermediate warehouses and a strategically chosen location for the sorting center, the optimization of transport routes is achieved and thus ensures a flexible, efficient and ecological transport of the collected backed-up packaging from the collection points. This step will bring not only a saving of almost 55 thousand kilometers, but also a related reduction in produced emissions. The larger capacity of the warehouse will help us manage the seasonal period significantly better, because we can better absorb the increased volume of material." - stated Ján Franek, director of logistics of the Advance System Administrator.

This increase in storage capacity is just one of the many steps that the Administrator is planning to make its processes more efficient. "The opening of a new warehouse within the sorting center allowed us to streamline the material flow in production and to respond flexibly to increased volumes of collected packaging." - added František Mazerik, Operations Director of the Advance System Administrator.

For Cromwell Property Group, David Svoboda states: "We are pleased that among the tenants of ONE Industrial park Nové Mesto nad Váhom ( we have an organization such as the Advance System Administrator. We believe that the new, enlarged storage facilities with modern technologies will help fulfill the needs of the backup system even more efficiently. The construction of the hall itself took a record short time - 7 months, for which we owe a lot of thanks to our partners, especially to the general contractor Inten Group Slovakia. In addition to the modern standard of the premises, the specifics of the hall with an area of approx. 4,000m2 its clear height, which reaches an exceptional 16.5m. At the same time, however, this construction represents only part of our possibilities for further development of the territory in the Nové Mesto nad Váhom location.

The backup system manager remains committed to its mission of digitalization and standardization of processes. With modernized capacities and infrastructure, it will be better prepared for further growth and strengthening its role in the sustainable management of packaging materials.