For the implementation of the new Danfoss Power Electronics production warehouse in Tinglev, Denmark, the logistics solution provider received the respected IFOY Award in the "Integrated Warehouse Solution" category. For STILL, this is the tenth title in various categories.

"The Danfoss project is a clear example of how automated warehouses will be managed, monitored and analyzed in the future," was the clear decision of the international expert jury. The implemented comprehensive system contained well-known logistics components, the mutual interaction of which - ie communication through interfaces to ensure security, functionality and optimization using the method of deep learning - proved to be very promising. According to the jury, the functionality of a real automatic warehouse is "exemplary".

Cloud storage of real traffic data

For the new Danfoss warehouse, STILL supplied a perfectly matched combination of three automated series-produced trucks (MX-X and EXV) together with the installation of all system components. For complex automation of material flow, series-produced trucks are equipped with a set for automation of iGo systems. By installing identical components, with control and interface, a powerful automated truck (AGV - Automated Guided Vehicle) is created. These automated trucks are controlled and monitored by a traffic management system. Transport orders are created by WMS (Warehouse Management System) in SAP Host and handed over to the management system. It permanently generates a huge amount of data, with which it is possible to perform accurate analyzes of the automatic warehouse on the cloud.

Handy tool "iGo insights"

This data is evaluated by iGo insights, a tool that filters connections from a large amount of process information collected on the cloud and derives specific recommendations for what needs to be done. According to the IFOY jury, this analytical tool primarily brings "excellent customer benefits". In addition to the technical problems of the individual trucks, it is possible to identify the potential for optimizing the entire system, such as "narrow profile areas". In addition, iGo insights uses the principle of machine learning. All data that the control system has collected over a long period of time will be uploaded to the cloud for evaluation. Artificial intelligence-enabled software identifies structures in the data stream, recalculates probabilities, and enables proactive action.

The result of many years of experience and research

Frank Müller, Senior Vice President of Brand Management / Sales & Service Steering STILL EMEA, received the IFOY Award in Dortmund. According to him, the award is a well-deserved reward for a long-term systematically built specialization in the field of automation and participation in many international research projects. Frank Müller: “Especially for the project, which won the IFOY Award, we were able to use and apply our experience gained in practice in many implemented automation projects. These activities have given us a great edge in know-how over our competitors in the market, which we can provide for the benefit of our customers. "

The Tinglev project is becoming a benchmark

The STILL iGo automatic warehouse in Tinglev has already proved its worth. The first analysis of the operator showed a cost saving of approximately 20 percent. Due to this success, the warehouse is becoming a reference project: In Rødekro, Danfoss is currently building a modern distribution center with the same STILL technology. It is designed for automatic operation of 15 MX-X stackers and five EXV forklifts.