After an ordinary year of operation of the new automated warehouse, Sport Vision decided to further expand the AutoStore system. The leading supplier of this technology, Element Logic, took care of this for 14 days, in full operation, without the need to shut down the warehouse.

"The uniqueness and great advantage of AutoStore technology is its enormous flexibility. We can react to the customer's needs practically immediately and quickly adjust the automated warehouse both in terms of size and functionality. We are able to implement the modifications in such a way that we do not interfere with the normal operation of the warehouse and do not limit the process of picking goods," says Jindřich Kaderávek, CEO of Element Logic Czech Republic.

The Sport Vision company is significantly increasing its market share in a total of 13 European countries, and its growth required a rapid expansion of the warehouse. "We were able to expand the existing AutoStore in the warehouse in Seredi in 14 days without limiting the operation of the warehouse. Each project is individual and we design warehouse automation for each client so that the solution is as efficient as possible based on many parameters. However, mutual understanding is also very important, which was achieved at Sport Vision thanks to the professional team, and above all to the director of logistics Tomislav Dobrijević, and thus we were able to implement the next expansion very quickly," adds Jindřich Kaderávek.

Significant savings in warehouse space
After expansion, this is a 30% saving in terms of space. In addition, there is also a significant increase in warehouse performance. "Although we initially planned the expansion of AutoStore only after two years from the initial implementation, we soon realized the benefits and savings that automation brought us. This automated solution from Element Logic allows us to serve both online customers and our stores much faster, with less error and greater accuracy. It is also necessary to highlight the speed and responsiveness of the warehouse expansion," says Tomislav Dobrijević, Group Logistic Director of Sport Vision.

The expanded warehouse now serves 42 robots of the new R5+ series and 15 ports. AutoStore with a total of 85,000 bins now operates in a 3,010 m2 warehouse. In addition, Element Logic uses eManager software when installing AutoStore, which allows Sport Vision to control product location, inventory status, returns processing, replenishment and picking.

Specification of the upgraded automated warehouse project in Seredi:
• Investments of EUR 6.2 million
• + 25,000 plastic boxes (bins), new total of 85,000 boxes
• 15 working ports for stocking or unloading
• + 2 robots, a total of 42 robots
• AutoStore® area + 680 m2 total area now 3010 m2