The goal of the Essentials Marketplace program is to respond to customer needs with appropriate solutions. With more than 18 million square meters of logistics real estate across Europe, Prologis' scope of business and expertise enable them to partner with trusted suppliers, allowing them to offer easy access to the equipment they need. "We will take care of the purchase of essential products that will make their lives easier and allow them to focus on the requirements of their own customers," informs Prologis.

The Essentials Marketplace offers products such as Prologis SolarSmart. It is the production of green energy that helps customers reduce the impact of their operations on the environment. Already 108 Prologis customers across Europe use solar systems, which the company has installed and maintained. A team of experts is ready to help other customers move to a greener and more sustainable energy solution that reduces the carbon footprint of the business with all the associated benefits.

Prologis also offers LED lighting. As many customers in warehouses extend operating hours, LED lighting helps improve employee well-being, reducing energy consumption and costs. Through the Essentials Marketplace, customers can easily and cost-effectively switch to intelligent LED lighting with motion sensors and daylight monitoring.

When it comes to storage systems, properly arranging storage racks can be a time consuming and often costly activity. With knowledge of the premises and a proven network of suppliers, Prologis can better design the warehouse layout and help with the procurement and installation of standard racks, mezzanines, or automated warehouse systems. The company's global reach allows us to ensure competitive market prices and provide innovative, tested solutions.

Prologis also offers forklifts. A complete solution for purchasing forklifts, necessary for the trouble-free and efficient operation of any warehouse, provides Prologis customers with a simple and cost-effective way to place orders and select pre-configured forklifts, reach trucks, and pallet trucks at competitive prices.

In addition to the Essentials Marketplace, other Prologis Essentials platforms will be available in Europe, including Facility Management and Customer Resource Services, to ensure an even higher level of customer service.


Source: // Systémy logistiky