P3 currently rents premises in its six Slovak parks with a total area of almost 500,000. m² and has 40 tenants in its client portfolio. During 2023, it welcomed three new tenants to its premises, among them the Advance System Administrator, a specialist in waste reduction, who opened a temporary storage facility in the P3 Žilina park and will soon start operations in the new temporary storage facility in the P3 Košice park. Newcomers also joined the P3 Senec park. The storage space here was rented by the largest supplier of electricity and gas in Slovakia, ZSE Energia, which stores photovoltaic panels and charging stations for electric cars in the park on an area of more than 4,000 m2. An important player in Central European logistics, the company ESA logistika, leased an area of 13,500 m2.

"The arrival of new tenants is a good sign for us. As a developer and long-term owner of industrial real estate, we perceive the need for companies to find a stable place for further business development. Within our P3 parks, we are ready to react practically immediately and also to expand warehouse space according to the tenant's needs, which is especially appreciated by long-term tenants in their expansion plans," says Peter Jánoši, executive director of P3 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Lease extensions and expansions accounted for approximately 41% of the total leased area in 2023. Last year, the last extension of the lease was attributed to the long-term tenant DHL, which extended the lease for another ten years in the P3 Bratislava Cargo park. In addition to DHL, the global leader in the field of logistics, the logistics company C.S.CARGO Slovakia also extended its lease within the Slovak P3 parks in the P3 Žilina park and expanded in the east of Slovakia with a lease agreement for an additional 2,700 m² of warehouse space in the P3 Košice park.

Furthermore, the transport and logistics company DSV Solutions Slovakia and the Dokument Logistik company, which is a leader in the management and storage of paper and electronic documents, extended two leases in the P3 Senec park.

"As a result of the macroeconomic situation at home and in the world, last year we saw a slight slowdown in the market compared to 2022, which was mainly reflected in the longer closing of individual projects and leases. This was mainly related to the appetite of companies that prefer long-term, sustainable, high-quality premises and partnerships, and not just cheaper rents. ESG and other investments in green solutions, such as the implementation of photovoltaic panels in selected Slovak P3 parks, remain the key focus of P3," adds P. Jánoši.

As part of the plans for further development, P3 will focus on the further expansion of its parks in the course of 2024 and at the same time identify new prospective locations throughout Slovakia.