Every day around the world, thousands of trucks are manually moved between different departments in the workplace. Many organizations would like to optimize their internal logistics to increase productivity and profitability, while freeing up employees for higher value jobs instead of just manually transporting products from point A to point B. MiR meets the new MiR250 Hook. User-friendly technology easily automates the internal transport of loaded trucks weighing up to 500 kg.

"The automation of the internal transport of various types of trolleys and transport cages that companies, logistics centers and hospitals currently use is undemanding, manageable and economical. You don't have to modify the shape of the trucks or buy new types, the MiR250 Hook can search for and connect to almost any type of truck via QR or AprilTags codes, ”says Søren E. Nielsen, President of MiR.

Thanks to the patent of the new generation of MiR Hook robots, the company is currently the only worldwide manufacturer of AMR robots with a towing solution. The MiR250 Hook automatically attaches to the truck and transports it to its destination without any human assistance. The module expands the range of AMR robot applications. The construction of the new solution is robust due to its use in an industrial environment. It moves at a speed of up to 2 m per second while navigating safely and efficiently. There is no limit to the number of trucks that the MiR250 Hook can engage and tow to various locations, and they are also trucks of various sizes and heights. The speed, flexibility and industrial design of the new MiR250 Hook solution significantly optimizes work processes.

"For example, the solution ensures a more efficient flow of material on the assembly line, where it delivers parts automatically and on time, so employees spend time assembling products instead of primitive collection of material and parts. In addition, the company saves space because, thanks to the just-in-time transport of trucks with components from the warehouse, they do not take up unnecessary space in the production premises. "

“With the MiR250 Hook, it is possible to optimize transport in various industries. Logistics companies relocate thousands of trucks every day, and with the transition from manual to automated truck transport with the MiR250 Hook system, they can significantly increase their profitability. We also see considerable potential in healthcare, where automation will make it easier for employees to internally transport laundry, waste and similar items, ”said S. E. Nielsen.

Only a few steps are required to deploy the MiR250 Hook: linking QR or AprilTags codes to on-site carts or cages for system identification. Subsequent mapping of the environment by the robot, either by manual control during the first tracing or by importing maps of buildings and spaces into the robot software. The robot is also programmed to communicate with elevators and doors so that it can move freely between compartments.

Organizations that already use the MiR250 robot can purchase the current MiR Hook 250 add-on module. For other customers interested in automating the internal transport of trucks, MiR offers a comprehensive solution containing the MiR250 robot and the MiR Hook 250 for immediate use.

Source: // Logistics today