Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia, based in Zvolen, is a leader in the hydraulic brake systems segment. It includes a successful, rapidly expanding research and development center. More than 200 engineers and specialists are working on the application development of brake systems for future car models for renowned global manufacturers. That is why the company turned to Jungheinrich in 2016 to design and implement two fully automatic pallet silos in Zvolen.

The main motivation of Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia was the effort to effectively use the maximum available building height, as the storage capacity of conventional warehouses would not cover its needs. Jungheinrich made a number of suggestions on how to deal with customer needs. These included the solution of a warehouse with very narrow aisles using EKX 516 system trucks. Continental Automotive System Slovakia has been using such a system for several years, so it was aware of its advantages and limits. In December 2017, the customer chose the pallet silo technology (HBW / ASRS). Work on two fully automatic pallet warehouses began in January 2018. They were put into operation a year later.
The parameters and possibilities of the warehouses are impressive. In the case of SILO 1, it was ensured that the casting warehouse reached a capacity for 8,628 pallets, while its dimensions stabilized at a number of 60 meters x 24.5 meters x 27 meters. It is operated by three crane stackers. SILO 2, designed as a warehouse for components and finished products, is larger. The aim was to store 9,690 pallets and involve 5 crane stackers in the work. The dimensions of the warehouse acquired the parameters 86 meters x 23 meters x 28 meters. The shelving systems are configured with a single or double pallet loading depth. Almost 1000 tons of steel were used for the construction of the rack structure. According to Marian Jančík, logistics systems manager of Jungheinrich, the warehouses are connected to a central control system that issues electronic orders for warehousing and removal of individual pallets. "Such a warehouse allows our client to be more flexible, efficient, faster and better adapt to customer requirements."

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