It can be expected that the market will be overvalued under the influence of pressures. For investors, it can also mean an opportunity to capture the right moment for some investments before their value increases. An internal Crowdberry survey conducted by the company earlier this year shows that real estate is still a popular investment vehicle sought by more than 50 percent of investors.

According to her, given the current situation on the market, it can be expected that the real estate segment will attract more and more investors. However, real estate rarely offers returns in excess of ten percent, a level usually achieved only by developers or large institutional funds.

Investments at the beginning of the project

Today, it is possible to invest already in the initial stages of project construction in land acquisitions or special purpose companies, that is, even before the start of construction itself. "Development investments make sense especially in the long term, when value is created over time, and such an investment works as an interesting capital protection. By entering the project early, the investor also gets the opportunity to participate in the returns, which may exceed the normal rate," says Crowdberry investment manager Jan Rovný. The same was the case with investments in the development projects of the KLM company, in which the investors participated directly.