Slovaks are increasingly attracted to investing in real estate both at home and abroad, and it is assumed that their value will continue to grow in the future. The overwhelming majority of capital raising and investment experts and real estate and finance experts agreed in an internal survey by the Highate Law & Tax law firm that not only apartment prices will rise, but also the demand for them, at least in Bratislava in the next two years.

Roughly 75% of the respondents answered this way. More than half of the respondents are also convinced that buying an investment apartment in Slovakia for rent is a better investment decision than investing in an ETF. However, when it comes to real estate assets with the greatest potential for growth, up to 51% of participants agreed that they are logistics spaces. According to them, on the contrary, office premises have the least potential, in favor of which only 6% of the respondents expressed their opinion. The reason is mainly the hybrid work model, preferred by many companies.

However, real estate abroad is also an interesting investment opportunity. "Investment sentiments reflect on several aspects, whether it is the current economic and political situation in Slovakia, geopolitical events, labor market trends, construction legislation, but also the return and overall profitability of the investment," explains Highgate Law & Tax attorney Peter Varga.

Slovaks also finance investment properties with funds