Demand for batteries is rising worldwide. This segment is therefore important in the automotive industry and various global battery manufacturers are trying to bring new, more efficient solutions. The Slovak company InoBat, which joins forces with the American battery manufacturer Group14 Technologies, is no exception.

Conventional lithium-ion batteries are relatively inefficient and should be replaced in the future by silicon-based lithium batteries. It is such a battery that companies will develop with each other.

Today's lithium batteries use a graphene-based anode. The graphene anode has good properties and the batteries with its use have a solid energy density. However, according to experts, a silicon-based anode can be up to 10 times more energy efficient. Group14 is a pioneer in the field of silicon battery technologies and can already produce 120 tons of silicon batteries per year.

At present, however, it has all the capacity exhausted for customers producing consumer electronics. The cooperation with InoBat is to contribute to the expansion of production capacities, and silicon-based batteries should thus also be available to car manufacturers.