The International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) 2023 awards ceremony took place in Dortmund, Germany. Jungheinrich was able to make a name for itself with two products in the strong competition of 23 nominations. The ultra-compact PowerCube storage system and the innovative camera on addedVIEW with barcode scanning have won highly coveted awards in their respective categories.

The winner of the "Robotic and automation solutions in intralogistics" category was the Jungheinrich PowerCube - an automated compact warehouse for crates enabling extremely compact storage and picking of small parts as well as other small goods. This modular shelving system accommodates crates stored in vertical channels up to a height of 12 m. Thanks to this, it enables extremely space-efficient storage of crates on a very small area.

The AddVIEW fork camera from Jungheinrich triumphed in the "Special of the Year" category. Thanks to the ability to read barcodes directly at the point of storage and compare them with the specifications of the warehouse management system, the use of the camera significantly minimizes errors during storage and retrieval, thereby increasing the efficiency and safety of the warehouse. When placing a fully digital camera in the fork, the goods are scanned directly at the place of their storage. Reception is carried out in an extremely ergonomic way via a button directly on the steering wheel.

"With these two wins in the IFOY Awards 2023, Jungheinrich once again confirms its position as a leading company in the development of innovative and effective intralogistics solutions. We are very proud of this recognition. Thanks to the Jungheinrich PowerCube devices and the addedVIEW fork camera, we offer our customers innovative solutions that increase their competitiveness and significantly improve efficiency in the warehouse," said Jungheinrich's head of sales, Christian Erlach.

Jungheinrich addedVIEW camera system

Accurate tracking and documentation of storage and removal of goods is a key element of any warehouse. Mistakes in the placement or storage of goods in a warehouse management system (WMS) can lead to serious problems – from misallocated storage locations, wasted tracking time, to returns and lost goods. To effectively solve this challenge, Jungheinrich developed the addedVIEW camera with barcode scanner integrated into the carrier fork.

It can read barcodes directly at the storage location and compare them to the specifications of the WMS system. This enables immediate and accurate identification, thus preventing errors before they occur. By integrating this technology into the warehouse process, companies can significantly reduce the number of incorrect bookings and stock placements, resulting in significant efficiency gains.

The addedVIEW fork camera is fully digital and has full HD resolution, broadband data transmission via automotive Ethernet and software for transferring results to any WMS system. For Jungheinrich's WMS system, the camera is equipped with additional intelligence. Thanks to this, it can recognize whether there is a correct or incorrect barcode in front of it, using color overlays in the camera image as the forklift passes by.

In addition to the advantages in warehouse management, forklift drivers will appreciate the significantly better image quality as well as the ergonomic reception function directly on the steering wheel. addedVIEW's fully digital fork camera eliminates the total hidden cost of searching and errors for customers. The process becomes faster, more reliable, and thus significantly more economical.

Jungheinrich PowerCube

Thanks to the ultra-compact vertical arrangement of the containers, the PowerCube represents an ideal use of storage space with four times higher storage density compared to conventional shelving systems. Thanks to its height of up to 12 m, the PowerCube is the tallest compact storage system in its class. This creates space in the warehouse that can be used to expand the product range or for other purposes. The Jungheinrich PowerCube system is also unique on the market in terms of flexibility.

The automatic compact storage system for crates can be set up on normal industrial floors without time-consuming conversions (milling, grinding...) and therefore can be easily integrated into existing warehouses. As the robotic conveyor trucks move under the containers, the PowerCube can be easily adapted to different building heights and structures. If necessary, it can also be connected to an individually planned conveyor system.

The newly developed PowerCube robotic conveyor trucks move at a maximum speed of 4 m/s and reach an acceleration of up to 2 m/s². At the same time, they can transport two containers with a maximum load of 50 kg. This expands and facilitates the application in terms of product range, accelerates reorganization processes and maximizes system capacity. At the same time, the robotic conveyor trucks can automatically move on the lower level of the PowerCube system under the crate shafts.

Thanks to their scalable number, the capacity of the PowerCube can be flexibly adapted in case of growing demand, seasonal peaks or possible expansion of the assortment, and thanks to the high-performance lithium-ion batteries that are charged during operation at the workplaces, the robotic conveyor trucks are ready for use 24 hours a day without downtime. Thanks to this, a high capacity of the system is ensured. The batteries themselves are one of the secrets of the PowerCube's high performance. Another plus point is that the robotic conveyor trucks can be removed from the PowerCube at floor level for maintenance purposes and, unlike competing systems, no special maintenance platform is required.

In the PowerCube system, Jungheinrich combines efficient processes and innovative hardware with the help of state-of-the-art software technology. Its advantages include easy connection to the customer's existing IT infrastructure and software design for maximum flexibility in terms of process and performance requirements. With the PowerCube system, Jungheinrich presents an integrated and holistic approach to the future of compact container storage and fulfills its promise to take warehouse efficiency to a new dimension.