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Innoship concluded a strategic partnership with the Dr. Max to optimize the transport operations of a pharmacy network in five countries. The companies' goal is to improve efficiency and customer service in the shipping process.

Innoship is part of the Alsendo Group holding. It offers a delivery management platform that helps retailers improve the customer experience by streamlining the delivery process. The Innoship platform combines multiple last-mile delivery options for retail companies and e-commerce, through which retailers can manage their contracts with couriers or automate deliveries.

Cooperation between Innoship and Dr. Max is supposed to bring better logistics and customer services to the Dr. group. Max in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Italy. The main goal is to introduce a unified system that simply integrates the logistics operations of Dr. Max in five markets. dr. Max chose Innoship in the selection process.

More efficient delivery

More efficient carrier integration eliminates the need to look for new solutions with each subsequent carrier. It shortens the time of involvement of new carriers from the usual six months to two to three weeks without the need for large-scale IT implementations. It also expands delivery options, including delivery to homes, to shipping boxes and delivery points, or shipping abroad.

Carrier selection optimization allows you to select the best carrier based on specific criteria. Centralized order tracking allows the customer center to better monitor orders, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Innoship is part of the Alsendo Group holding. The Alsendo Group, backed by investor Abris Capital Partners, a specialist in ESG transformation, is one of the major players in the field of logistics and technology solutions. The group's portfolio includes more than a dozen transport platforms and technological solutions operating in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Group Dr. Max from the investment group Penta Investments is one of the leading pharmacy chains in Europe. It has more than three thousand branches, its own e-shop and more than 20 thousand employees.