CTP, whose portfolio is about 10.9 million m² (GLA) in Central and Eastern Europe, with an expanding interest in Western Europe, markets like Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, focuses on rapid growth in renewable energy production throughout its portfolio and founded its own energy company to oversee the ambitious program of solar photovoltaic installations.

Since 2020, all industrial and logistics buildings have been "ready for solar operation". The developer and the operator focuses on 15 % return on its investments in solar energy and completed 2022 with a result of 38 MWp installed roof photovoltaic capacity. In 2023, it aims to add another 100 MWp. The EIB financing will support the medium -term target of CTP, which is 400 MWp by 2026. In places where renewable energy is currently not available, CTP is cooperating with energy suppliers to provide clients with 100 % renewable energy.

“Sustainability and energy self -sufficiency is the way we go in Slovakia. We are currently installed photovoltaic panels on the roofs of several of our halls in different locations and we will continue this trend. We allow our clients to pump this energy, thus engaging them in a greener and more economical system of operation, ”says Stanislav Pagáč, director of the CTP for Slovakia.

By the end of the decade, CTP plans to double its portfolio to 20 million m² and in the long term plans to create completely energy -independent industrial parks, where the entire volume of energy used is produced in the park and excess energy is supplied to the local electricity network to support neighboring communities. This will reduce the total cost of use for CTP clients and help create a more durable and safer energy network while reducing the carbon trace of CTP and its clients.

Richard Wilkinson, CFP CFO, said: “Support for the European Investment Bank is proof of the robust commercial strategy we have introduced to realize extensive installation of solar photovoltaic facilities within our portfolio, and allows us to get long -term unsecured funding under attractive conditions. Sustainable funding is a way forward and we are proud that the European Investment Bank has become a new financial partner in this area. ”

Peter Čerešník, Operator Director of CTP, said: “CTP has long been a pioneer in the development of sustainable industrial and logistics space and the same long -term vision and ambitions are now applied to renewable energy. The funding of the European Investment Bank will speed up our plans for

Maximization of the solar potential of our portfolio and will help us fulfill our medium -term installation goal of 400 MWp by 2026. This will also help us to achieve our long -term vision to make our parks energy positive, which means they can produce and share excess renewable energy, from what They will benefit not only our clients and local communities in which we operate, but also the planet as a whole. ”

"In Central and Eastern Europe, there is a huge untapped potential for renewable energy," said Lilyan Pavlova, Vice -President of the Eib. “Loans like the one for CTP are helping countries in the region to break away from fossil fuels, reduce their dependence on energy imports and ultimately reduce electricity prices for all - a transition that has economic and social sense.

The EIB financing comes after CTP has published its first sustainability report, which transparently states how CTP proceeds to fulfill its ESG liabilities and how these are in accordance with the requirements of EU taxonomy. The report is in accordance with the standards of the Global Message Initiative (GRI), the recommendations of the proven EPRA procedures for sustainability and the recommendations of the working group for the disclosure of financial information related to climate change (TCFD).

CTP has long been a pioneer in the development of sustainable, energy efficient industrial and logistics buildings. In 2013, she was the first to build a Breeam "Outstanding" building outside the United Kingdom and was the first European industrial and logistics developer to certify Breeam of its entire portfolio, which includes more than 200 buildings. Since 2021, all CTP buildings have been built according to high standards of Breeam - with the evaluation of "Very Good" or better, which provides a guarantee that they are energy efficient.

In its ESG strategy, the company focuses on four key areas of activity: the effort to be climatically positive; incorporation of their commercial parks into local communities; stimulation of social impact and well -being; and honest business. CTP has received the ESG Low-Risk evaluation from Sustainlytics, raising among 1.5 % of the best companies worldwide, which enhances the company's long-term commitment to keep sustainable business.