CTP operates in 14 locations in Slovakia. In 2023, the company responded to the growing demand for category A industrial real estate by building in several locations in Slovakia. In total, CTP expanded its CTParks by over 112 thousand sqm of gross lettable area during the year. The most leasable area was added in CTPark Voderady (over 47 thousand sqm), followed by CTPark Prešov South (almost 27 thousand sqm), CTPark Žilina Airport (over 17 thousand sqm), CTPark Trnava (almost 15 thousand sqm) and CTPark Žilina (over 6 thousand sqm). At the end of the year, CTP had an additional 94 thousand sqm of leasable space under construction in its CTParks in Slovakia.

Ivan Pastier, CTP Slovakia’s Business Development Director, explains:

“Our activity in the industrial real estate market last year, as well as our plans for the coming years, are based mainly on factors that we have long perceived in the industrial real estate market. These include, for example, the trend of nearshoring, friendshoring and the growing interest of companies in modern, energy-efficient, category A industrial properties, which are still in short supply on our market compared to demand.”


Peter Janko, Head of Property Management at CTP Slovakia, says:

“The occupancy rate of our portfolio reached 98.4%, which exceeds the national average. Our clients have long appreciated the fact that by handing over the building CTP remains their partner even in the case of operation and management. We provide our clients with property management and maintenance services as well as basic energy consultancy, thus creating the conditions that enable them to focus on their business as a matter of priority. We take a responsible approach to the impact of our CTParks on their immediate and wider surroundings. In the case of each CTPark, we invest in its improvement as well as the improvement of its surroundings, thereby aiming to create and support communities. In 2023, we planted over 600 new trees aged 6 years, implemented new water retention measures as well as green roofs and walls.”


Slovakia as a key location for the automotive industry

In 2023, CTP in Slovakia has concluded lease agreements for over 211 thousand sqm of leasable area.  A significant share of the new lease contracts were for clients operating in the automotive sector, which is also the country’s economic driver, underlying the fact that Slovakia is a key location for the automotive industry within the CEE region.

The Slovak economy is strongly linked to the automotive industry. Automotive companies operating in Slovakia are naturally linked to other suppliers, which try to get closer to them and thus shorten the delivery time of individual components. Thus, we expect that a significant part of the demand for industrial space will come from automotive companies in 2024,” says Ivan Pastier.

The largest transaction was the lease of a building with an area of over 30 thousand sqm in CTPark Trnava for an Italian company operating in the electromobility sector, Meta System. The portfolio of CTP clients operating in the automotive industry has also grown in the new building in CTPark Žilina Airport, where Wia Slovakia, which belongs to the parent company of Hyundai Wia, one of the largest manufacturers of automotive parts in Korea, will soon open its operation with an area of almost 16 thousand sqm. In CTPark Košice, the Chinese supplier for the automotive segment has leased more than 28 thousand sqm. In CTPark Bratislava, HBPO Slovakia opened a new operation with an area of over 11 thousand sqm focused on the assembly of dashboards. In CTPark Trnava, Hoerbiger leased a hall with an area of more than 4.5 thousand sqm.


Own team of energy specialists

CTP also continues with the implementation of photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of buildings as well as with the creation and operation of distribution networks. Within the Slovak portfolio, it has the ambition to implement PV power plants with a total capacity of 15 MWp by 2025. To achieve this goal, CTP is also building its own team of energy specialists in Slovakia.

CTP’s sustainability ambitions go hand in hand with the demands of clients who prefer modern, energy-efficient buildings. Photovoltaic panels enable clients to use 100% green electricity, providing them with a higher level of independence from the market, lower operating costs and assisting them in meeting their own ESG and carbon neutrality targets.