In both cases, these are large-scale graphics, the underlying theme of which is industrial aesthetics. The design should be inspired, for example, by elements associated with construction and construction machines and materials, industry, factories, logistics or production technology. It should also present the aesthetics that are hidden in these topics. The task for high school students is to come up with a proposal for a fire tank with a technical room with a total area of over 488 square meters in CTPark Žilina Airport. A wall of the industrial hall with an area of approximately 1038 square meters, also in CTPark Žilina Airport, is intended for creation by university students.

Pupils and students of Slovak high schools and universities of artistic specialization can participate in the competition, while both individuals and collectives can prepare the proposal. The completed application must be sent by February 15, 2024. The graphic design according to the technical requirements must be processed by April 1, 2024.

The winner of the Industrial Aesthetics Challenge will also receive an interesting financial reward. In the secondary school category it is €500, for university students it is €1000.

Such a large-scale drawing in CTParks is not new. The developer placed the first one in Slovakia in CTPark Trnava. The painting with an area of 452 square meters was created in 21 days by the artistic duo Feher & Velebný, who are well-known authors from several street art projects.

The second painted tank is located in the area of CTPark Žilina. The motif of the painting, whose authors are artists Slavomíra Ondrušová, Ivana Šáteková and Natália Jarembaková from the group DZIVE, is based on current environmental and eco topics.

Last year, a painting was also added to the fire tank in CTPark Prešov South. The author of the proposal on the topic "Slovakia 2030" is the winner of the first year of the CTP X ATELIER XIII art competition, Sarah Máteová from the School of Art Industry in Košice. ATELIER XIII took care of the implementation.

"In the design, construction and operation of our industrial parks, we are guided by the philosophy of sustainability and development of cities and municipalities. In the spaces where we operate, we try to fit in naturally, like a good neighbor. This also includes cooperation with local communities or schools," explains Stanislav Pagáč, Managing Director of CTP for Slovakia. The CTP company also provides the walls of its halls or other objects for artistic creation abroad. "The aim of similar projects is to provide local artists and talented youth with an opportunity and space for realization," adds Stanislav Pagáč.