Contera Park Prešov, which is located on the outskirts of Malý Šariš, only two kilometers from Prešov, is known for its strategic location. "Valeo is expanding its activities in Central Europe. The premises of Contera in Prešov and the related expansion ideally copy this growth trend," remarks Miroslav Mastilak, TCC Activity Manager at Valeo. "We greatly value our mutual partnership with Valeo, as evidenced by our long-term cooperation, which has always been to the satisfaction of both parties." adds Contera manager for Slovakia Svetozár Rohoň.

The current expansion in Contera Park Prešov specifically concerns 11,000 square meters, which Valeo will add to the existing approximately 17,000 square meters. "We adapted the space exactly to Vale's needs. It chose from a number of locations, but thanks to the combination of our services and background, strategic location and workforce availability, it gave the green light to our Contera Park Prešov," comments Svetozár Rohoň, adding that Valeo immediately became a respected employer.

"I believe that our constructive and professional cooperation with Vale will continue in the future and together we will take care of the development of the region," concludes Contera's manager for Slovakia Svetozár Rohoň.