The city of Trnava is preparing the sale of a 4.3 hectare land near the Groupe PSA Slovakia car manufacturer, and wants to get a minimum of € 785,000. The land is located in the cadastral area of ​​the neighboring village of Zavar in the industrial park, industrial construction is under consideration.

They can get up to a million euros
The city council of Trnava will approve on Tuesday, in addition to the sale of land, the sale of five hundred shares of Prima banka, for which the town hall wants to collect at least 285,000 euros. The land and shares of the bank will be sold by Trnava through public tenders, in which the highest bid price will be decisive. If both trades came out, at least a million euros would be added to the city's budget.

The land is located near the city bypass, currently it is registered as arable land. However, it is located in the industrial park, where construction is expected. The Trnava City Hall requires at least EUR 18.04 per square meter, with a minimum starting price of EUR 785 thousand for an area of ​​more than 43 thousand square meters.

Sale share
The city of Trnava plans to sell 500 shares of Prima banka, which it owns. The bank itself offered an offer to buy them. MEPs will approve the sale on Tuesday, with a minimum price of € 570 for each action.
"The city does not benefit from the ownership of the shares in question because, despite the fact that Prima banka Slovensko, a. s., regularly shows annual profit, dividends are not paid. At the same time, Trnava is not in a position to participate in the management of the Bank in any way, since the majority shareholder, Penta Investment Limited, owns 99.31 percent of all shares, ”the explanatory memorandum to the proposal for the sale of these securities says.