A new state strategic industrial park should be established near Rimavská Sobota on an area of ​​approximately 65 hectares. This follows from the material Proposal for the implementation of an industrial park entitled "Industrial Park Rimavská Sobota", which was approved by the government on Wednesday.

Investment of about 10 million

The Ministry of Economy decided to invest in the preparation of an industrial park for a strategic investor from five locations in disadvantaged regions of central and eastern Slovakia.

"The construction of the Rimavská Sobota Industrial Park will create a hitherto absent precondition for obtaining investments for one of the least developed regions of Slovakia," the Ministry of Economy stated in the approved material.

The purchase of land that is currently owned by the city, preparation of technical documentation, landscaping, connection of land to the network will require an investment of a maximum of 9.8 million euros.

"We will have this park in stock. We will have it ready when an interested party arrives who would like to invest in Slovakia. We will be able to say, like it, we have a park here, you can build it," Sulík said, adding that they want to avoid just situation such as that with BMW.

The Minister of Economy said at the briefing that they already have two candidates who would like to go to Rimavská Sobota. "One wants to create 500 jobs. The other interested party may be a manufacturer of motor homes and caravans, which would create 300 jobs," the minister said. However, until the industrial park is located, according to him, everything is only on a theoretical level.

The industrial park is to be established on the northern side of Rimavská Sobota on the border of the cadastral territory of the city. The construction of the R2 expressway is also planned in this locality.

Hundreds of jobs

Within the Banská Bystrica self-governing region, the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) currently registers only five industrial parks with an area of ​​more than ten hectares.

However, in only one industrial park does it not register significant deficiencies in the connection to the technical and transport infrastructure or from the point of view of settling property-legal relations.

According to the ministry, investors have long preferred land in a state of absolute readiness to start construction, ie with an approved zoning plan, resolved property rights to the affected properties, or preferably with built or at least permitted connections to individual engineering networks.

The Ministry of Economy expects the industrial park to create an opportunity to create several hundred to a thousand direct and indirect new jobs.

According to the ministry, revenues from the sale of land, together with revenues from the fulfillment of tax and other levy obligations, are expected to achieve a return on investment in the first years of the park's operation.

The construction of the industrial park was also appreciated by the Minister for Regional Development Veronika Remišová. She recalled that this is a region with high unemployment, from which people are leaving largely.


Source:// Finweb