The new storage and logistics center of ZF Slovakia, whose construction started in May this year, is part of a larger expansion project at ZF Slovakia in Levice. Within the project, a producer of shock absorbers, ball joints and stabilizers for the front axle of passenger cars plans to create several hundred new jobs. More than 1,600 employees are currently working in the ZF factory in Levice. The total cost of implementing the new center should be EUR 5 million. 60 new jobs should be created in the new production hall.
Oppermann Industrial Webbing also announced the intention to build a new production hall in the industrial park. The company is currently operating in the former textile factory. After the completion of the hall, he plans to move the plant to a new building. The construction is scheduled to start next spring, and should be completed in the autumn of 2021. The total cost is EUR 5.6 million. By implementing the project, no new jobs will be created, and the company plans to move to a new facility while maintaining its current jobs. There are currently 80 employees in operation in three changes. The company is focused on weaving and wholesale of industrially used textile products.

At present, 16 investors from Slovakia, from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Holland, Japan, France and England, operate in the area of ​​about 65 hectares in the Levice - Géňa industrial park. The focus of their production varies from luminaires, confectionery, cosmetics, packaging materials, industrial filters and filters to air conditioning units, aluminum profiles, automotive interior components to engineering, heat and power generation, warehousing and logistics centers.