In the storage and distribution of goods, the geographical location has a key influence on the efficiency and success of the processes. In the Špedka group, we opened a green warehouse in the distribution heart of Slovakia in the town of Zvolen for several reasons. Why is geographic location an important consideration in warehousing and distribution decisions? from Zvolen, we have a relatively well-developed transport infrastructure, which enables the efficient movement of goods across the country without major restrictions. Mainly night connections are fast and minimize the impact of distances between cities and regions. Slovakia is a small and beautiful country, which means that most destinations are accessible within a relatively short time horizon. The standard for delivery is 24 hours with the SK Home Delivery service, but also for V4 countries. A new trend in larger cities is the Same delivery service. technological innovations are an integral part of logistics and distribution. Modern information and communication technologies of carriers enable efficient tracking of goods, optimization of routes and fast communication. Today you have options to see your package online along the entire route.