Dr.Max is a leading manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The company pays attention to high quality, reliability and ethical standards of production. When planning for expansion in Central Europe, it is important for it to have a modern logistics background. Therefore, the company was offered tailor-made premises in building 16, which is equipped with features that increase the sustainability and efficiency of the business.

Cooling technology in warehouses provides a suitable environment for storing products, while a 10-meter clear height streamlines storage processes and LED lighting optimizes energy consumption, thus helping to protect the environment. The PARKlife initiative actively involves employees in what is happening in the park and supports their wellbeing - Prologis Park Bratislava even has its own football pitch.

"Our business is primarily about health and wellbeing, and therefore we care about the healthy lifestyle of our employees," says Jan Žák, CEO of Dr.Max for Slovakia, adding: "The new building in Prologis Park Bratislava will provide excellent conditions for employees who their work ensures not only the operation of the e-shop but also our entire business. Prologis has taken care of our requirements and we are excited to be able to move to the new premises this year.”

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"Prologis Park Bratislava will become a great space for business and further growth of Dr.Max," says Jakub Randa, Prologis' leasing and customer experience manager in Slovakia. "Prologis Park Bratislava is a real business community. Tailor-made elements increase the quality of day-to-day operations on their own premises, and in addition, we also provide a shared background to ensure a healthy work environment. We look forward to welcoming Dr.Max to our park. ”


Source:// Systémy logistiky